EssenSeal Improves on Sealers Classics

Launched at IDS 2019 in March last year, EssenSeal has quickly become a promising alternative to eugenol-based sealers available on the market. This year, Produits Dentaires will introduce EssenSeal in the EMEA region, following its official launch at AEEDC 2020 in Dubai, the largest dental conference and exhibition in the region.

Made to simplify obturation procedures

Engineered to simplify obturation procedures, the ratio for mixing EssenSeal is as simple as one drop of liquid to one spoon of powder. The simple mixing procedure ensures optimum consistency in every application. Its vial format, with a capacity of 15 g of powder and 10 ml of liquid, offers a perfect cost-efficient solution for dental professionals.

New generation of root canal sealers

EssenSeal’s unique formula enables more effective root canal sealing to limit the growth of residual bacteria and prevents any resumption of infection. It is easy to manipulate and highly flowable to deliver perfect 3-D sealing. Moreover, EssenSeal’s pleasant tea tree scent makes it one of the most agreeable sealers available on the market, both for dentists and patients.

Eugenol-based sealers revisited

Just like other zinc oxide eugenol products from Produits Dentaires, EssenSeal has a very small volumetric change on setting. It is thixotropic and, owing to a very small particle size, easily penetrates the root canal anatomy, providing remarkable covering of the entire root canal wall. Moreover, its chemical properties guarantee a working time above 60 minutes and a setting time of less than 3 hours. EssenSeal combines bioceramics with the fundamental benefits of eugenol-based sealers, such as simplicity of access in retreatment procedures.

Improvement in the root canal therapies

The EssenSeal sealer is a welcomed improvement in the root canal therapy, complementing the PD endodontic portfolio. As of February, EssenSeal is available through the distribution network in Europe and in the EMEA region. To read more about the product and contact our licensed distributors, visit the EssenSeal page at www.pd-dental.com.