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19.02.2021 Event The patency – Online Webinar IrriFlex®
19.12.2020 Video Produits Dentaires PD-Dental Coporate 80th anniversary Corporate
06.10.2020 Publication Uwe Radmacher Irrigation in endodontics – New standards in the dental office IrriFlex®
29.09.2020 Video Ricardo Tonini I am IrriFlex® IrriFlex®
01.09.2020 Publication Riccardo Tonini The Glide Cleaning IrriFlex®
12.08.2020 Publication Francesca Cerutti + Riccardo Tonini Clinical aspects of endo disinfection IrriFlex®
13.11.2019 Video Marco Martignoni Optimizing in Irrigation in endodontic treatment IrriFlex®
16.10.2019 Video Dr Gilberto Debelian Endo irrigants and disinfectants IrriFlex®
15.02.2019 Publication Frank Diemer Irrigation in endodontics – New needle for better results IrriFlex®