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Placement of a definitive restoration that seals the tooth coronally is vital for the long-run success of root canal treatment. Lack of a seal totally tight to fluids can end in microorganism contamination of the obturated root canal system and failure of the case. In addition to sealing the tooth coronally, the final restoration should reinforce the remaining tooth structure to avoid fracture and help the tooth return to full function. POST-ENDO therapy by PD consists in a proven range of high-quality products engineered for predictable and efficient restorative therapies. PD is committed to developing high grade restorative dental solutions that will increase root canal treatment success rates. We are dedicated to maintaining patients natural smile for a lifetime while simplifying and improving dental procedures.

Our experience with the FIBRAPOST & DRILL-A-POST system has been very positive, they have delivered excellent results and suit our procedures extremely well.

Prof. Dr Marcel Wainwright

A root canal treatment is one of the most common dental procedures. This treatment can save natural teeth and prevent the need for dental implants or bridges. ENDO therapy by PD consists in an advanced and complete product range specifically designed for efficient and cost effective endodontic treatments. Because every tooth deserves a second (or third) chance, PD is committed to developing dental solutions that will increase endodontic treatment success rates. Collaboration with leading universities and opinion leaders is an important success factor, which is leading us to groundbreaking new developments.

The MAP System and PD™ MTA White are my choice for managing in a predictable and conservative way treatments such as pulp capping, perforation repair, apical plug procedures and micro-surgery.

Dr. Riccardo Tonini

Root canal infections are primarily caused by deep tooth decay. Fortunately, cavities but also gums diseases can be avoided by proper daily dental hygiene and regular professional dental cleaning. PRE-ENDO therapy by PD consists in advanced and refined dental products specifically designed for efficient and cost-effective preventive dentistry in the dental office and at home. Preserving healthy teeth and gums through, ideally, the most minimally invasive dental treatments is the goal. For PD, it’s not about how much dental professionals can get done in a day, but how positively they can impact the dental health of their patients. We are dedicated to developing products that are as simple and efficient as possible, addressing the problem while successfully preserving healthy teeth and gums.

I have chosen for me and my dental prophylaxis team the single use PD™ ProphyCup and PD™ ProphyPaste. Both are products I recommend for their excellent workability, efficiency and cost effectiveness. I’m very pleased to have highly satisfied dental hygienists and patients.


Dr. Philippe Métillon