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EDTA 17% . Solution

Smear layer removal

Content and packaging

Bottle of 15 ml.

Ne pas supprimer.
Buy EDTA by PD Dental
Buy EDTA by PD Dental


PD EDTA 17% eases instrumentation and smear layer removal in chemo-mechanical root canal preparation. It is used for root canal irrigation, removal of debris and rinsing.

Ethylenediamide tetraacetic acid (EDTA) is a chelating agent which combines with the calcium ion and inactivates it, thereby exerting its decalcifying effect on dentine.

EDTA is active on the inorganic part of the smear layer and must be used alternatively with Sodium Hypochlorite solution to complete its dissolution.

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Bottle of 15 ml Solution 11565 20.25 CHF | €
Bottle of 100 ml Solution 11569 47.80 CHF | €

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* This product is a medical device of Class IIa and fulfills the applicable requirements of the Directive 93/42/EEC on medical devices. This Medical Device is covered by SGS Belgium NV (Notified Body number 1639) accreditation as mentioned in the Declaration of Conformity.
** Product availability may depend on your local regulation and product registration status.

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