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Plastic pipettes

Precise drop-by-drop liquid delivery

Plastic pipettes 0.3ml
Plastic pipettes 1ml

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Box of 5 pieces.
Box of 25 pieces.

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Buy Plastic Pipettes PD Dental
Buy Plastic Pipettes PD Dental
Plastic Pipettes PD dental


Plastic pipettes are used for delivering small quantities of liquid into the root canal or pulp chamber during endodontic or restorative treatments. The liquid delivery can be controlled drop-by-drop, offering much appreciated precision, especially for retreatment solvents such as PD Eugenate desobturator (orange oil solution)

The pipettes are translucent, flexible and color-coded. The integrated color-coded rings enable to identify different liquids when several pipettes are used simultaneously.

Two types of pipettes are available: 0.3ml and 1ml. They differ in terms of capacity (respectively 0.3ml and 1ml) and tip thinness (respectively thin and ultra-thin).

Plastic pipettes 0.3ml

Box of 5 pcs Color coded 11750 13.95 CHF | 12.90 €
Box of 25 pcs Color coded 11754 41.25 CHF | 38.20 €

Plastic pipettes 1ml

Box of 5 pcs Color coded 11752 13.95 CHF | 12.90 €

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Declaration of Conformity

* This product is a Class I Medical Device and fulfills the applicable requirements of 93/42/EEC and MDR 2017/745 as of 26th of May 2021.
** Product availability may depend on your local regulation and product registration status.

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