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Rosen Root Canal Cement

Silver-free Rickert’s sealer

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Box includes 15 g powder and 15 ml liquid.

Ne pas supprimer.
Buy Rosen root canal by PD Dental
Buy Rosen root canal cement by PD Dental


Rosen Root Canal Cement is a zinc oxide eugenol based sealers used as thin film in conjunction with gutta-percha points, such as Produits Dentaires Gutta-Percha Points, to fill a prepared root canal. The combination of gutta-percha with a root canal sealer aims to result in a complete permanent sealing of the root canal preventing re-occurence of endodontic pathologies.

The formulation is based on the original Grossman’s sealer, whose efficiency and safety are proved for many years, and was improved upon non-resorbable Rickert’s cement. Improvements include:

•  High radio-pacity for easy sealer identification and efficient follow-up (> 200% of ISO requirements).

•  A silver-free formulation to avoid teeth staining.

•  Compliance with the key points of ISO 6876:2012 related to root canal sealing materials.

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Box includes 15 g powder and 15 ml liquid Cement 10245 40.10 CHF | €

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MAP System PDF to download
MAP System PDF to download
declaration of conformity

* This product is a medical device of Class IIa and fulfills the applicable requirements of the Directive 93/42/EEC on medical devices. This Medical Device is covered by SGS Belgium NV (Notified Body number 1639) accreditation as mentioned in the Declaration of Conformity
** Product availability may depend on your local regulation and product registration status.

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