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Box includes 15 g powder and 10 ml liquid.

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EssenSeal PD Dental

Radiopaque sealer for the permanent filling of root canals with gutta-percha points

EssenSeal® is a root canal sealer featuring tea tree essential oil (Melaleuca). It is used as thin film in conjunction with Gutta-percha points to seal permanently and tightly root canals.

EssenSeal® is much more than a standard zinc oxide eugenol based cement. Beyond the fact that it strictly complies with the standard ISO 6876:2012 – Dentistry – Root canal sealing materials, EssenSeal® is a pleasant and efficient root canal sealer to use. Pleasant because the powder is fine, the handling easy, the consistency creamy, the color white and the working time comfortable. Efficient, because the formulation enables good and stable anatomical adaptation in the root canal for a non-resorbable radiopaque and tight obturation.

Synergies are created between fine powders and essential oils that compose EssenSeal®. It results in relevant properties all along the use of the cement.


Box includes 15 g powder and 10 ml liquid Per portion 10246 70.40 CHF | €
EssenSeal PD Dental
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Comfort in preparation: creamy and smooth consistency

EssenSeal® is composed of powder and liquid easily mixed with convenient powder to liquid ratio. Special care is applied to the thinness of the powder. It results in an easy handling and smooth cement. The mixture exhibits shinny white appearance and pleasant scent. All the adaptability of the cement can be expected by manipulating this cement of creamy consistency, which is both fluid and consistent.

Anatomical adaptation: easy and efficient placement

EssenSeal® provides good anatomical adaptation thanks to the combination of the powder small particle size and the consistency induced by the essential oils. Accordingly, EssenSeal®’s flowability facilitates its placement and penetration in the root canal anatomy. The result is a high coating ability and a highly tight obturation. EssenSeal® is used in combination with gutta-percha points for both warm vertical technique and cold lateral technique.

In addition, EssenSeal® has a comfortable working time > 60 minutes and a setting time < 3 hours. It enables to have sufficient time to handle the cement and perform the endodontic treatment, but also to reach quick stability of the set cement after the treatment.

EssenSeal PD Dental
EssenSeal PD Dental

Three-dimensional sealing: stability and clinical follow-up

EssenSeal® is chemically and physically stable over time. It makes the cement non resorbable and the tightness of the treatment durable. EssenSeal® once set remains white, which results to good aesthetics. In addition, EssenSeal® is highly radiopaque (≈ 200% of ISO 6876:2012 standard requirements) for easy sealer identification and efficient follow-up. The sealer offers simple retreatment procedure when used with Gutta-Percha points.


These standardized tests highlight the synergy between the components of EssenSeal®, such as the combination of the powder’s thinness and the essential oil’s properties, which allows the cement to flow and penetrate the canal anatomy in a very thin layer, up to less than 15µm. Lateral canals are areas difficult to reach with gutta-percha and a potential source of contaminants. As EssenSeal® has a high anatomical adaptability to fill these irregularities in a stable and durable way, it greatly improves the final sealing properties and as a consequence limits the development of residual bacteria and prevents the risk of infection.

To complete these physico-chemical data, refer to the testimonials, clinical cases and publications sections hereafter and discover the clinical success experimented with EssenSeal.

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How to use EssenSeal®


Comparison of physico-chemical properties of zinc oxide eugenol cement and a bioceramic sealer

Comparison of physico-chemical properties of zinc oxide eugenol cement and a bioceramic sealer By Carlo Gaeta MD | Crystal Marruganti MD | Emanuele Mignosa MD | Giulia Malvicini MD | Giulia Verniani DMD | Riccardo Tonini MD | Simone Grandini MD, PhD, Comparison of physico-chemical properties of zinc oxide eugenol cement and a bioceramic sealer…

Endodontic treatment of a severely worn premolar

Endodontic treatment of a severely worn premolar By Francesca Cerutti Dr. Francesca Cerutti formulated the advantages of using EssenSeal through the case of a severely worn premolar: “EssenSeal has the capability to penetrate smoothly into the root canals, filling also the lateral canals without any voids. […] The product is easy to mix and to…

Long canal obturation: tips and tricks

Long canal obturation: tips and tricks By Calogero Bugea Dr. Calogero Bugea proposes here an endodontic treatment on a long tooth (23mm). He highlights through this clinical case the effectiveness of EssenSeal which, penetrates narrow areas of root canal, thanks to its thin powder and its consistency. It also highlights the advantages of a smoother…

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MAP System PDF to download
MAP System PDF to download
MAP System PDF to download
Declaration of conformity

* This product is a medical device of Class IIa and fulfills the applicable requirements of the Directive 93/42/EEC on medical devices. This Medical Device is covered by SGS Belgium NV (Notified Body number 1639) accreditation as mentioned in the Declaration of Conformity.
** Product availability may depend on your local regulation and product registration status.

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Gutta-percha points are highly tight material used in conjunction with an endodontic sealer to fill a prepared root canal. The combination gutta-percha and root canal sealer aims to result in a complete permanent sealing of the root canal preventing re-occurence of endodontic pathologies.

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